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Cleaning Services

Cleaning equipment,

Our basic cleaning services consist of


dust blinds and window seals

dust ceiling fans

make beds (change bedding master room only if clean linens available)

dust all visible areas of furnishings and wall art

clean light switches and door handles

wipe door frames

empty trash cans

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring


dust vent cover

dust blinds and window seals

clean and sanitize sinks, tub/showers, and toilet

clean mirrors and countertops

wipe cabinet door frames

clean and sanitizes door handles, light switches and outlet covers

empty trash cans

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring


dust window blinds and window seals

dust light fixture

wipe cabinet outside doors

clean outside oven door, refrigerator, and dishwasher

clean inside/outside of the microwave

clean and sanitize countertops

clean light switches, and outlet covers

empty trash cans

 sweep/mop flooring.


livingroom/dining areas-

dust blinds and window seals

dust ceiling fans

dust all visible areas of furnishings and wall arts

check under sofa pillows for debris

vacuum area rugs

empty and sanitize trash cans 

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring 



Please Read

This is not a final quote. Final cost will be established after the initial walk-through is performed.

Cleaning Services


One-Time /Monthly Cleaning


This cleaning format works best for those who just need a little cleaning push to get them started for the month.   This one-time cleaning is considered a basic cleaning. We do all the basic touch ups to have your home fresh and clean. Once our staff has completed your service, you will be ready to take on the new month with a clearer healthier outlook!

Weekly Cleaning

Busy as a beaver? No time to clean?  With our weekly cleaning, Diamond Dusters LLC will take over the overwhelming process of cleaning? 

We will send our team member(s) to your home once a week to stay on top of your cleaning needs. Every week you'll get a fresh new cleaning service. You will never feel overwhelmed with cleaning again and your friends and family will always be impressed with your surroundings.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

 Bi-Weekly Services are common for those who are constantly on the move but need a bit of cleaning more often than once a month but not really every week.  If your household is full and you just want to stay on top of the cleaning process the Diamond Dusters LLC team can assist you with this. Problem solved! 

De- Cluttering

 When things start piling up with no end in sight, Diamond Dusters LLC has solution for that!  Sometimes life gets hectic and we understand the over baring workload.  Sometime we just don't have time.  Well we do. We have all the time to do just that, get you back on the right path. De-cluttering is a process cleaning that usually happens over steps of cleaning. Once the process is complete, it will be like shedding away problems that you never knew were there and now they're gone. Treat yourself to a new start.


 Cleaning your way. Taking full control of what gets deep cleaned and when. With our Ala-carte menu, you get the pleasure of choosing area in your home that needs the most attention and allowing us to give it just that.  Diamond Dusters LLC will work diligently at replenishing the look of your home, one area at a time.

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