Our Journey

The starting place...

My name is Renee Dagons and I am a survivor.  I am loyal, honest, committed, and I am always inspired by others to be the best me I can be.  For 10+ years I have overcome the many challenges put before me while living life as a breast cancer survivor.  Determined to continue to strive after putting my cancer to sleep I opened my heart to explore life as a whole new world.

After bieng diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42, same as my mother, I realized that this was my time to turn my life around.  Committed to striving for a better take on life, I decided to renew myself by going back to school. While working full-time, raising children and recovering from cancer, I graduated from Devry University with honors and an Associates Degree in computer technology. Life goes on and so does my desire to gain new knowledge, establish new relationships and participate in making a difference for not only myself but to my community at large. Staying true to my goals and my dreams is very important to me as a person.

Loyalty to those who have become part of my network is important.  To have others know what I say I do, means a lot to me. I pride myself on being there for others and being able to provide them with the sense of security in knowing that I care and will give 100% of myself in their time of needs. I believe that in order to build you must gain the respect through being loyal and giving your all once you have made a commitment to others.

Honesty is still the best policy  in my book. Working through issues, developing new ideas and building relations start first with honesty and understanding.  Change is not always easy but knowing that someone is there to help see you through it without the sugar coat keeps things on track. Listening and learning others, then helping execute a solution starts with being honest. I want others to know that no matter the circumstances,  the decisions I make with them and for them will be based on truth and never deceit. 

Breast cancer changed my life

 It made me realize that life is for living and living must be done in the moment.  For 30+ Years I have been part of the residential and commercial cleaning industries.  I take pride in what I do because cleanliness brings clarity.  I partnered my cleaning company Diamond Dusters LLC with Cleaning for a Reason  to share my gift to those fighting the battle to recovery from cancer.  Diamond Dusters LLC,  is committed to helping in making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Renee Dagons of Diamond Dusters LLC is teaming with "Cleaning for a Reason" charitable organizations

Renee Dagons of Diamond Dusters LLC is teaming with "Cleaning for a Reason" charitable organizations

Diamond Dusters professional cleaning services team

Our Friendly Staff

The Cleaning Team

Here at Diamond Dusters LLC, Las Vegas,  we pride ourselves on our company's name,  therefore we pride ourselves on presenting ourselves in a professional manner at all times.

We treat our customers with kindness and respect. Our team uniforms are always clean and neat

 We do not tolerate distasteful language or loud talking on the job site. 

We respect the privacy of our customers. Our job is to clean and  Diamond Dusters LLC is a independently own-operated janitorial service. We have over 25 years of experience in the home/office/commercial cleaning business. Our company's goal is to assist in improving the quality of life in the greater Las Vegas area and to build a strong network within the community to create more job opportunities for others.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers cleaning needs and creating solutions to reduce or eliminate their problems.

Diamond Dusters LLC is a company that believes strongly in being trustworthy, dependable and professional at all times. We strive to create an everlasting, positive impression on everyone that we have the pleasure of serving. Diamond Dusters LLC is the last name in cleaning needs that you will ever need.  

Diamond Dusters LLC " The Highest Level of Quality Cleaning for Everyone"