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Diamond "Deluxe" Suite

Diamond "Deluxe" Suite includes Standard Package plus (6 major additional services) : 


Dusting all blinds and window seals

Wiping all door frames and doors

Change sheets on bed (master-bedroom only, provided linens are available at cleaning )

Dusting ceiling ac vent covers

Check under sofa cushions to remove debris (common areas only)

Dusting all ceiling fans

Note: All Service Packages Price includes 1-bathroom 1-kitchen, 1-dining area, 1-common area

           additional bathrms- $10 sml/ med $15/ $20 lgr   

           additional rooms- $10 sml/ $15 med/ $20 lgr

           pet hair- $10 per cleaning / excessive pet hair clean $35/ excessive dusting $15


2000sq ft-2500sq $25 / 2501sq.ft-3000sq ft. $40 / 3001sq ft-3500sq ft $55 /

 3501sq ft-4000sq ft $85 / 4001sq ft-4500sq ft $115 / 4501sq ft-5000sq ft $130

 5501sq ft and over additional $40 per hour past initial project time. 

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This is a quote. Final cost will be established after the initial walk-through is performed.

Diamond "Standard" Suite


Diamond "Standard" Suite includes:


dust all visible areas of furnishings and wall art

clean light switches and door handles

make beds

empty trash cans

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring


clean and sanitize sinks, tub/showers, and toilet

clean mirrors and countertops

clean and sanitizes door handles, light switches and outlet covers

empty trash cans

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring


dust light fixture

wipe cabinet outside doors

clean stove tops and outside exhaust fan

clean outside oven door, refrigerator, and dishwasher

clean inside/outside of the microwave

clean and sanitize countertops

clean light switches, and outlet covers

empty trash cans

 sweep/mop flooring.


Livingroom/ Common Areas

dust ceiling fans

dust all visible areas of furnishings and wall arts

vacuum area rugs (limited to two areas rugs up to size 12'x15')

empty and sanitize trash cans

sweep/mop or vacuum flooring.